On Our News

On Our News: reporting projects, covering “The Ones” and a Writing Workshop preview

Share your big ideas

Lately, a couple stories have come up that are better suited to two writers than one. Building off of this, I’d like to encourage our News reporters and readers to pitch their ideas to me. Not every idea is going to work, but that story idea in the back of your mind could be great for The Times-Delphic. Whether you have a story idea about a national issue or something going on in your student organization, free to send it to me! If it’s too big for one writer to take on themselves, we can look at asking multiple writers to work on the story and/or collaborating with another section (Features, Sports, or Commentary).

The examples I referred to at the start are:

  • An article about the revelations and fallout that have followed the leak of a massive trove of internal documents from Facebook. We’ve got one writer on this and are looking for a second to partner with him (Luke Clausen).
  • A follow-up article about Drake’s new funding campaign, The Ones. I’m working on an article for Wednesday about this, but I’m also planning a follow-up centered around the six major focuses of the campaign that will include interviews with members of the Drake community who are closely involved with one of these focuses.

Also, if the article you’re working on lends itself to a different design approach, feel free to reach out and make a suggestion! I think that the unorthodox layout for the city council article worked quite well.

Covering Drake’s “Next Great Era”

Here are our plans for covering a new fundraising campaign titled “The Ones” with new initiatives that Drake announced last week:

  • I’m working on an article for our next edition that is planned to be an overview of the campaign, its initiatives and how it was created.
  • Madeleine Leigh and I are planning a follow-up that will take a deeper dive into the initiatives for the following week.

News meeting at Writer’s Workshop preview

Here are a few broad categories that encompass most of the topics and tips I plan to discuss during our News team meeting at the Writer’s Workshop:

  • Weekly check-ins, corrections and other team communication processes
  • Reporting process tips (ie, do you transcribe interviews?)
  • Finding and getting ahold of sources
  • TD policies and recommendations

Also, did you know that you can read the print version of our paper online? Check it out here.

The front page of our edition on October 28.